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Second ScubaDiver Reward  : Best Apps Award from BestAppMarket (Bam) :

First ScubaDiver Reward !! : Marmalade App of the month

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Marmalade App of the Month:

ScubaDiver from BitBlitGames is best described as an underwater platform adventure where you bravely explore the depths of the ocean for sunken treasures.  Exhibiting amazing graphics and an incredible level of detail all the way down to the marine life that swims in the background, ScubaDiver is the creation of a two man team consisting of an artist and a developer who built the game in their spare time.  Currently available for iOS and Android devices.


2 responses to “Home

  1. john

    How do you remove the ads? They make it impossible to complete level four.

    • Hi john,
      First, Thanks for playing scubaDiver.

      Then, in wich world are you blocked ( World 1 Level4 or World 2 Level4 ) ??
      Witch device are you using ??? ( phone/tablet ect..) ( its important for me to deduce the resolution of your screen !)

      The game is free, ads are the only way for now to give us reward on our job !!!


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